come ...

sit ...

stay ...

My name is Jenna and this is my dream.

One of my greatest teachers was my faithful dog, Ninja. He taught me how to slow down when necessary and how to live life in the present moment. He taught me to enjoy nature, to stop and smell the roses and to be excited…for no other reason than to enjoy life.

My story is probably a lot like yours… I loved Ninja so very much! Our connection was a very special gift. He gave me unconditional love, kisses, wags and wiggles.

But like so many, I worked long, exhausting hours to keep up with the pace and demands of my professional life. At the end of each workday I was just too drained to spend quality time with Ninja. I would cuddle him and whisper promises that we would have fun “soon,” and go play with friends “maybe next week.”

At work, I would think about Ninja and miss him all day.

This is the story of Woof Professional Dog
Walkers, or as I like to call it
“why I turned my dream into my reality.”

Ninja was the one-spirit who truly loved me unconditionally.

Yet he waited for me all day … without play, without walks, without companionship. I still feel guilty when I think of him sitting alone waiting for me.

Sadly, Ninja died before I was in a position to act on the greatest lesson of my life: slow down, spend true quality time with my pups, give them inside & outside play … basically just support, cherish and spread their love.

To honor Ninja and the lessons he brought me, I founded WOOF to transform my loss into personal and professional joy.

Woof brings “alone-at-home” dogs uncompromising care, quality companionship
& fun play – no matter how busy their parents.

  • Woof Professional Dog Walkers come to your home to pick-up your pup.
  • We walk, play, cuddle, snack, jog, chase, and fetch to support a healthier, less-stressed, calmer dog.
  • We give the humans peace-of-mind: you will feel good knowing your four-legged companion is cared for and in good hands.

Why am I sharing my story with you?  I would love for you and your pups to be part of the WOOF family.

I look forward to talking with you about your wonderful four-legged friends!